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June 24 - 26, 2025
Charlottetown | Prince Edward Island | Canada

Interactive Industry Demonstrations

Experiencing innovation. Demonstrations of interactive technologies by select animal health companies.

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Armenta is pioneering acoustic technology for antibiotic-free treatment of bovine mastitis, proven to increase yield, improve quality, and reduce culling.


BioTraceIT values the capacity to improve medical care and interventions by quantifying pain ultimately impacting quality of life and wellness.


Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is the ultimate solution for serious livestock producers seeking reliable and profitable livestock management. Ceres Tag is all-in-one solution to monitor your animals via GPS tracking.


Dyneval’s innovative technology provides precise measurement of semen quality using portable equipment.

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EquivetCare strives to solve vet provider and pet parent’s largest issues, while bringing them together in a way that deeply respects each state’s vet practice laws and international information safety standards.


FastDetect is a developer of diagnostic equipment designed for quick and effective testing of COVID-19, in addition to other pathogens, ailments, etc.

Mella Pet Care

Mella Pet Care provides accessible technology and diagnostic products for vets and pet parents to keep track of pet health.

Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC

Shreis consists of 3 health-tech companies with safe, patient-centric, non-invasive technologies to address a variety of human health issues.

Single Time MicroNeedles (1400 x 600)
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SingleTime MicroNeedles

SingleTime MicroNeedles are improving drug delivery with multi-dose patches that improve immunity and reduce supply chain costs.

Whisker & Paw

Whisker + Paw, is the parent company of Veterinarian Electronic Assistant (VEA), a patent protected platform aimed at improving clinical documentation. VEA has an intuitive suggestion platform that is powered by a proprietary AI engine and ChatGPT to complement how a Veterinarian thinks about differentials.