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June 24 - 26, 2025
Charlottetown | Prince Edward Island | Canada

Event Highlights: VetHealth Global Pitch & Partner

VetHealth Global Pitch & Partner is a dynamic event showcasing the latest innovative and emerging animal health and nutrition companies. Our inaugural event was held November 22 – 24 for interactive virtual pitch presentations, as well as a robust one-to-one partnering program that allowed attendees to connect and network with investors, early-stage companies, animal health and nutrition business executives and supply chain partners.

Event Highlights

  • 21 company pitches
  • 70 delegates
  • Over 10 countries represented
  • 150 one to one partnering meetings

Who Attended?

Who Presented? Day 1: November 22

Session 1: Veterinary Biologics

  • Algenex (Spain)
  • Evax (Switzerland)
  • Malcisbo (Switzerland)
  • MBF Therapeutics (US)

Session 2: Aqua Culture

  • Evah (Canada)
  • Feedvax (Argentina)
  • RPS Biologiques (Canada)
  • Viaqua (Israel)

Session 3: Novel Therapeutics for Companion Animals

  • Animal Biome (US)
  • Leah Labs (US)
  • Likarda (US)
  • Petmedix (UK)
  • Vetigenics (US)

Who Presented? Day 2: November 23

Session 4: Novel Therapeutics for Livestock

  • Armenta (Israel)
  • Cytophage (Canada)
  • Fortgen (Brazil)

Session 5: Monitoring Devices

  • Verility (US)
  • Alphavet Tech (UK)
  • Dyneval (Scotland)
  • Precision Livestock Technologies (US)
  • VetGuardian (US)

One to One Partnering

  • 150 Partnering Meetings over 3 days
  • 66 Participants representing 50 organizations
  • 53 Hours of video meetings
  • Partnering Program ran on a 24 hr clock to accommodate international participants

Since 2007, VetHealth Global, North America’s premier animal health and nutrition industry conference has been recognized for its outstanding list of presenters, innovative emerging company sessions, professional business partnering programming, and top-rated networking events. The in-person conference that is held every two years, will be hosted in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, June 28-30, 2022.

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