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June 24 - 26, 2025
Charlottetown | Prince Edward Island | Canada

Future Focus Companies

The Future Focus pitch sessions feature high-potential start-ups and early stage companies with disruptive technologies aimed at unmet industry needs, as well as unique online marketing and sales strategies to win in the global animal health marketplace.

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Botaneco offers novel ingredient solutions for use in aquaculture feed, plant-based food, and personal care brands.



CSIRO works at a point of intersection between different disciplines, bringing together government, research organizations, universities and industry.


Cytophage is biotechnology company specializing in bacteriophage therapy development, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


EquivetCare strives to solve vet provider and pet parent’s largest issues, while bringing them together in a way that deeply respects each state’s vet practice laws and international information safety standards.

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GreenSage Prebiotics

GreenSage Prebiotics focuses on the development and application of prebiotics from coconut for aquaculture and for human health.

Modulant Biosciences

Modulant Biosciences is a drug discovery biotechnology company focused on identifying and advancing novel small molecules that modulate the assembly of aberrant multiprotein complexes that catalyze protein assembly within host cells.


MyAnIML, an AI startup for animal agriculture, invented and commercialized the first-of-its-kind
platform for early disease prediction in cattle using facial recognition technology focused on a
cow’s muzzle.


Shreis consists of 3 health-tech companies with safe, patient-centric, non-invasive technologies to address a variety of human health issues.

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SingleTime MicroNeedles

SingleTime MicroNeedles are improving drug delivery with multi-dose patches that improve immunity and reduce supply chain costs.


Sorensis has developed a biodegradable implant delivering predictable, safe non-surgical
long-term anoestrous (suppressed ovarian activity) in cattle.

The Vaccine Group

The Vaccine Group develops herpesvirus-based animal vaccines to protect against infectious diseases.

Xeptiva Therapeutics

Xeptiva Therapeutics mission is to improve companion animal’s healthspan (quality of life) and lifespan (years of life) by developing simple, affordable, disruptive and highly effective immunotherapies.